Rebrand provides a strategic roadmap for the business and helps position MasterWall as the leading external insulation system.

When D.I.G first approached MasterWall, the owners needed convincing that a new brand was needed. For them, it meant an investment in time and resources that any small business owner would prefer to avoid. We began with developing a brand strategy that would after 3 months of discussion and research become a roadmap that underlined everything the company stood for.

The use of rendered polystyrene cladding for insulating the exterior of a house in Victoria was relatively new in 2006 with would-be competitors applying inferior products and techniques in an unregulated market. In contrast, MasterWall had developed a break-through product with a unique system approach that guaranteed performance and long life. However the business was starting to go sideways largely due to unremarkable branding and marketing within the highly competitive building sector.

  • The absence of strategic brand planning meant MasterWall lacked a focus.
  • The brand, which included everything from the signage to the product development, was inconsistent. It needed improving to better reflect the values of the organisation.

D.I.G responded by developing a comprehensive brand strategy that became the roadmap for the business and how its product was marketed.

The commitment both our client and we made to first develop a robust brand analysis and strategy had an immediate influence on the business. We rolled out a bold new identity that stood out in the marketplace and supported it with a comprehensive stationery range that ensured that every point of contact with the customer signalled the brand’s (and client’s) values.

The brand strategy also clearly defined customer segments including builders, architects and designers, renderers and so on. We also defined their behaviour and values, decision makers, pathways to market, as well as the goals and values the business wanted to nurture. With limited resources we focussed our efforts on the segment that would bring about the most immediate return. In time, we returned to the other segments and referred back to the brand document for guidance.

D.I.G began at looking at the product itself. A defining moment was when the client lobbed into our office and plonked a 10cm x 10cm sample of their core product on our desk and enthusiastically talked about the pre-rendered coating they had developed that made the product stand out. We looked at it and saw a lump of polystyrene! But we also saw the missed opportunity – it wasn’t the pre-rendered polystyrene that was special, it was the technology and expertise behind the range of products and building techniques that came together to make up The System. This approach perfectly answered the brief that the brand strategy outlined and continues to this day.

Our client has always applied the values we identified in the beginning, and always applied the brand consistently across the business which has helped make MasterWall the most respected and successful insulated cladding system, now available right across the Australia.