Looking to expand the use of brown paper, Australian Paper asked D.I.G to create a brochure that would cut-through a conservative marketplace.

As part of a larger corporate sales kit project, this brochure delivered the unique Packaging Papers story in an engaging and off-beat way, dusting off preconceived notions about what many consider to be just ‘plain old’ brown paper.

Australian Paper’s Packaging Group initially engaged D.I.G to produce a brochure that would communicate the scope of their paper range to what is traditionally a very conservative marketplace. In a wider context we took the opportunity to reposition the business into four distinct product categories and began building the Packaging brand using vernacular graphics commonly found on cartons, paper sacks, boxes and other common items.

Supporting each category, end-user stories were developed around the theme – “What does Australian Paper mean to you?”, and carefully art directed photography was produced to convey how brown paper interacts with our daily routines. The brochure itself explored and experimented with a variety of paper stocks, all produced by our client.

The off-beat nature of the content helped the message cut-through whilst the diverse and complex printing techniques delivered the client a stand alone brochure that highlighted the potential use of brown paper into new categories and also acted as the perfect presentation tool for their sales reps.

BACK STORY: The week old calf featured in this photograph was hand reared for a week to learn how to stand still and accept milk from a baby bottle. After the shoot, we donated her to the Collingwood Children’s Farm.